The Wantagh Foundation for Educational Excellence was created to mobilize community support, commitment and resources to enhance public education in the Wantagh community. This non-profit independent organization founded by Wantagh residents and business leaders in 1993 has several fundamental goals:


To provide financial and creative support to the Wantagh Public Schools by identifying and mobilizing available resources;


To foster partnerships among school, community and industry; and finally,


To enhance cooperation and understanding while encouraging innovation and creativity in meeting the challenges facing public education in the 21st century

Board Members

  • President: Barbara Brochstein 

  • Executive Director/Secretary: Gayle Wenchell

  • Vice President: Patrick Chin

  • Vice President: Patrick Sheeran

  • Treasurer: Lorraine Johnson

  • Trustee: Austin Costello

  • Trustee: Elizabeth Guber

  • Trustee: Patricia Langdon

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