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Our Mission

Our  mission is to enhance the quality of public education by securing and providing financial resources for school enrichment. 


The Foundation fosters innovation in our classroomsfocusing on those programs that reach beyond the normal scope of the curriculum.  

To foster partnerships among school, community and industry; and finally, To enhance cooperation and understanding while encouraging innovation and creativity in meeting the challenges facing public education in the 21st century.

What We Do

Everything the Foundation does supports our mission to provide unique, creative and challenging learning opportunities for students in grades K-12.  Through the monies raised through community, parent, and business donations  the Foundation provides grants for our teachers that contribute directly to student motivation and learning.  

About Us

The Wantagh Foundation for Educational Excellence was created to mobilize community support, commitment and resources to enhance public education in the Wantagh community.

This non-profit independent organization founded by Wantagh residents and business leaders in 1993.


Why We Matter

There has never been a more critical time to support our schools. With the recent district budget cuts and with less and less financial support from our state and local governments, we must ensure our children continue to receive the quality education that has been a hallmark of the Wantagh  Community. 

Through the efforts of this Foundation, we hope to provide impactful programs and support to help ensure that our students are prepared to take on the global challenges that lie ahead.

We Remember Ralph 


The Wantagh Foundation remembers Ralph Spagnolo. As a leader of the Wantagh Foundation and as a longtime Wantagh community member, Ralph was known for his willingness and ability to help those in the community whom he served.  Ralph was a Father, Grand-Father, Friend, Advocate and Community Leader. 

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